iPhone Help and Tips:

iPhone 5s/SE/6/6s/6s/6splus/7/7Plus Finger Print Touch iD setting up help:

All the previous iPhone models security meant setting a number or letter passcode and using Find My iPhone to track a lost or stolen phone when it went missing. With the introduction of the new touch ID, though, Apple took security to a much higher new level, thanks to the feature addition of the Touch ID finger print scanner.

Fingerprint Touch ID is built into the existing Home button and allows you to lock or unlock your iOS device quickly by pressing your finger onto the iPhone home button. Even better, if you've set up Touch ID, you can use it for every password for every iTunes Store or in App Store purchase; a fingerprint Touch ID scan is all you need when previously you needed a 4 digit passcode to enter the phone.

To begin with, you need to be sure your device has Touch ID. As of this writing the fingetprint Touch ID is only available if you're running iOS 7 or higher on:

   The new iPhone 5S

Assuming you've got the right hardware, follow these steps:

    Tap the Settings app on your home screen
    Tap General
    Tap Passcode & Fingerprint. If you've already set a passcode, enter it now. Otherwise, you'll continue to the next screen
    Tap Fingerprints
    Tap Add a fingerprint.

ios 10 - Can you downgrade to ios 9?

Millions of people upgraded to iOS 10 within a day or two of Apple releasing it. Most people were totally thrilled by the new features, layout and new design features. Another group of people, however, hated the new Apple iPhone IOS 10 upgrade. If you're among the people unhappy with iOS 10, you may be wondering if there's a way to uninstall iOS 10 and return install it to iOS 9. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to downgrade iOS 9 - Sorry!


In order to understand why there's no way to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6, you need to first understand something about how Apple distributes the iOS and installs it on your iPhone mobile.

During the process of installing a new version of the iOS on your device--whether that's a major upgrade like iOS 7, or a minor update like iOS 6.0.2--the device connects to Apple's servers in California. It does this so it can check to make sure that the OS you're installing is "signed," or approved, by Apple i.e Not a fake copy!. This is a very important step, because it ensures that you're installing a legitimate, official, secure version of the iOS and not something that is malfunctioning or has been tampered with or has been hacked. If Apple's servers confirm that the version you're trying to install is legit, all is well and the upgrade continues. If not, the installation can't continue and it stops the update of your iPhone software.

This step is so crucial because if Apple stops signing its OS updates, then you won't be able to install the un signed versions. That's what the company has done with the old version iOS 

Whenever it releases a new version of the iOS iPhone software, Apple continues to sign the previous version of software for a short period of time to allow people to downgrade if they prefer. In this case, Apple was signing both iOS 10 and iOS 9 for a short time, but stopped signing iOS 9. This means that you can't install iOS 9 any longer on any devices such as iPhone iPad or iPod.

What About Jailbreaking?

But what about jailbreaking, some of you may be asking. If my device is jailbroken, can I downgrade the software from IOS 10 to IOS 9?

The quick answer, as of this writing, is no you cannot. This is because there is no jailbreak for iOS 7 at the moment. If one is eventually released (and we are sure it will), it will be possible to downgrade. That said, Apple has been making life increasingly difficult for jail-breakers, and the process of jail-breaking and downgrading requires extensive technical knowledge, so don't count on this becoming an option for the average person to do.

So, unfortunately, if you're on iOS 10 and don't like it, there's not much that can be done - Unless you buy a Samsung!!

That said, people often object to the idea of change more than the change itself. IOS 10 is a big change from iOS 9 and will take some getting used to, we didnt like it at first but it grew on us, now we cannot remember what IOS 9 was like!! Make sure you give it some time. You may find that in 6 months the things you don't like about it now are familiar and no longer bother you and you may actually grow to love it!