Taunton iPhone Repair Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our repairs against manufacturer defects and fitting defects.

So if we fit an Original LCD screen to your iPhone, and 2 years time the screen colours fade, or the touchscreen becomes unresponsive due to a manufacturing fault then we will replace the part free of charge.

This Lifetime warranty does not include physical or liquid damage or having any other work done to the iPhone in the meantime.

When your iPhone is first repaired by us we will send you a invoice with the work done and your iPhone's IMEI number on it, this invoice MUST be presented to us at the time of a warranty claim.

All iPhone parts we fit are security marked. If you sell / giveaway the iPhone then the lifetime warranty is not passed on.

What we cover:

  • The original repair, including all parts and labour are covered by our lifetime warranty.

What we don’t cover:

  • Subsequent damage caused by the customer
  • Damage not relating to the original repair
  • Damage resulting from misuse
  • Damage resulting from attempted customer repairs
  • Water damage
  • Software issues unrelated to the original repair
  • Loss of data as a result of the repair (please backup your phone before we arrive)

If you have a fault with your iPhone and the repair that we have done to it you must:

1) Inform us either in writing / text / call or email that you have a fault within 24 hours of it happening, failing to do this will void your warranty with us.

2) Immediately stop using your iPhone to avoid any more damage to it, any further use will void your warranty.

3) We (Taunton iPhone Repair) must be the ONLY repairer who tests / takes apart your iPhone to see why it has failed and if it is under our warranty. Any 3rd party (inc Apple) disassembly / testing of your iPhone will void all warranty with us


There are lots of companies and people jumping on the iPhone repair band wagon it can be difficult to know who to trust to repair your iPhone correctly, quickly and with the correct parts. At Taunton iPhone Repair "We see bad repairs all the time. You can tell when fake cheap screens are used because they get scratched easily and are quick to crack and the colours are not as good as the Apple ones" Low quality iPhone parts can range from being off colour, to having poor performance qualities and breaking easily. Fake parts sold on eBay and Amazon are cheaper for a reason they have an extremely high defect rate and break very easily. - Don't buy them as they are a false economy as you will end up paying for the repair ro part twice over.

Taunton iPhone Repair provide a LIFETIME warranty on all parts and labour that we supply and fit to your iPhone NO OTHER iPhone repairer in the UK does this.

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