iPhone 4s speaker / Ringtone / Earpeice Repair
iPhone 4s speaker / Ringtone / Earpeice Repair
Call / Text 07724 615400 to book a repair: We come to you,
Price INCLUDES: We come to you to repair! - Lifetime Warranty!
£35.00 inc. tax
What We Offer


1) A high quality Apple Part  - Most other repairers use cheap knock-off parts!

2) Us fitting it for you - our highly trained engineers will come to your house or work, usually the same day and repair your iPhone within about 30 minutes.

3) Lifetime Warranty on parts and labour - who else offers that??!!

If your iPhone 4s has got a faulty speaker, where by it does not play music at all or ringtones then this is the repair that you need.

The iPhone speaker being faulty is a well known fault, that can be fixed by us.

We need to take the iPhone's back cover off and fit a iPhone speaker andspeaker ribbon.

We are based around Taunton and came come to you to fix your iPhone. Please call or email us to make an appointment.

Taunton iPhone Repair

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